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Wet areas

Have you noticed wet spots underneath your bathroom sinks, either along the pipes or underneath. If so, you could potentially have a leak.

Low water pressure

Have you noticed low water pressure in either your shower or kitchen? If so, it could be an indication of a defective shower valve or possibly build-up on the pipes.

How is your water heater?

You should consider the age of your water heater and see if there is rust or corrosion on it or the pipe connections. You want to prevent any potential hazards before they occur.

Gas leaks

If you spray some soapy water onto the gas shut-off valve by the water heater and see bubbles, you could potentially have a gas leak.

Mold detection

If you notice wet areas in crawl spaces or attics or see or smell mold, you could have a leaking pipe. If a leak goes undetected, harmful molds are often the result.

Checking all of your shut off valves and hose bibs

Do they turn easily without leaking? Do your valves need to be fixed or replaced? Could you shut them off in an emergency?

Checking your toilet water tanks

Do you see any rust or green build up? Is your water tank leaking? Are you flushing gallons of water down the toilet without knowing because your tank is leaking?

Noisy pipes

Do you hear a noise of a bang in the pipes when you turn your water faucets on full power and then shut them off quickly? If you have noticed this, you could potentially have a “water-hammer.” A simple device can usually take care of this problem.

Valve and meter checks

Do you know where your water meter and main water shut off valve are located? Turn your main water shut off valve to off and look at the water meter. If the meter is still running, you could potentially have a water leak. You might notice high water bills if this is the case.


Drippy faucets

If you have handles that are hard to turn or have any faucets that are dripping, you could have calcium deposits or other build up causing your faucet to malfunction. Either repair or replacement is necessary.